Provo River Tube Float Trips


Take a Provo River trip with an inflatable kayak rental for the same price as a Provo River tube float trip. Kayaking the Provo River is a better experience.




• Tube float trips are the most popular activity on the Provo River. The main reasons are: (1) The price (2) Tubing appears to take little skill to do. It is great for large groups who have a small budget.

• Because of the characteristics of the Provo River, we recommend tube float trips on this river for guests who are 12 years old and up.

• Tubing is the most difficult and consequential river floating activity on the Provo River, especially for young children.

• The Provo River's water is swift and cold. There are sharp rocks and branches in many shallow sections of the river.

• Tubing can be very strenuous. It is difficult to reach the water to appropriately paddle from a tube.

• Most people identify tubing as a "lazy float." But tubing on the Provo River is NOT what most would consider a lazy river float trip. The Provo River is narrow with many turns. The swift current pushes people in tubes to the outside corner into trees and other obstructions.

• Each year, many people who take tube float trips report becoming bruised, cut or more after being continually caught in trees, bushes and other strainers that catch and snag them.

• When tubing, people must anticipate and constantly watch out for all river hazards.

• When floating in a tube, people must be skilled enough to quickly maneuver the tube.

• Frequently after Provo River tube float trips, many people are tired, cold, wet, annoyed and somewhat disenchanted with their expectations of a "lazy river tube float" experience.

• There are two bridges that cross the Provo River. For years, the bridges have proven to be troublesome to tube floaters. When tubing, people frequently get their tubes wrapped on the bridge pylons that snag, wrap and sink the tubes, resulting in a variety of dangerous situations.

• During tube float trips offered by most outfitters on the Provo River, there is no river guide present to assist in a rescue.

• People capsize or fall out of tubes at the bridge or on rocks and often, they are left stranded mid-trip without a tube to continue their float.

• When guests who take river tube float trips have an unsatisfactory time, it is not our fault, nor the faults of any commercial river company on the Provo River. It is the nature of tubing on the Provo River.

• For these reasons, we are currently not offering river tube float trips on the Provo River. The great news is....


For a limited time, we are offering INFLATABLE KAYAK RENTALS for the SAME PRICE as our competitors charge for tube float trips. (One-person & tandem kayaks.) Also see our Raft Rentals if you have rafting experience and want a river trip that involves teamwork.



A person helping two people push their kayak into the water during a Provo River kayak trip near Provo and Park City Utah.
••• With inflatable kayak rentals, take off on your own and float the Provo River. Hourly rates allow you to plan the length of trip you want •••
A man wearing a red life jacket standing while holding a green kayak and a blue paddle before a kayak trip on the Provo River in Utah.
••• We have small (7-pound) inflatable kayaks with full-size paddles for the same price our competitors charge for a tube! Go in style (and have way more fun) in an IK! •••
Two people kayaking on the Provo River near Orem and Park City Utah.
••• Our inflatable kayaks (both single-person and tandem) are stable and easy to move. They are bouncy, sporty and more nimble to paddle than a river tube. Rent with us and see for yourself •••

DIRECTIONS TO YOUR PROVO RIVER TRIP: Take the Nunns Park exit from Highway 189. At the four-way stop, drive straight on Old Highway 189. Pass the parking lot for Bridal Veil Falls Park and meet us on Old Highway 189. We are located 10 minutes from Orem, 15 minutes from Provo and 45 minutes from Salt Lake City and Park City.

PROVO RIVER TRIP PHONE: Call or Text Us at: (801)404-8297